Case Studies

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Conference Apps Done Right​


Building a conferencing app is boring. The conference app we built for Symmetry Financial Group was anything but.

The problem: communicate, organize, and empower more than 3000 attendees at 20+ annual events on a single app. Curveball? Do so at a time in which Apple prohibited all template app development.


Build a fully integrated, custom app that not only allowed for scheduling, organization, and RSVPs, but also allowed users a little bit of fun. Schedule yourself a boat ride in between conference sessions? Yes, please. Bring your spouse to dinner? We got you.

App included carousel of events content, supporting ecommerce website, stripe integration, Bluetooth-enabled check-in, VUE system integration, cloud-native.


80% of tickets purchased within the first 48 hours, $100k in ticket sale revenue, accommodated 3000+ attendees.